Remote Custom Perfume Experience for Small Groups

Have a Unique, Creative Experience with One or More of Your Loved Ones . . .

from the comfort and safety of your own homes! Each experience includes:

for each person that expresses what they love and who they are

of each of you selecting ingredients for your very own eau de parfum

that only YOU can order

in the form of custom-scented lotion or shower gel from France

"Carolyn was such a joy to work with! My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our [experience]. Carolyn was very knowledgeable and made every step of the process exciting. Everyone should do this and gift it to someone you love!"

Janet Y.

Cool, right?! But what can you expect?

On a video call among you, our Scent Artist, Carolyn, and your loved ones, you'll smell and decide among Escentuelle's more popular fragrance families and ingredients. Carolyn will then harmoniously balance and mix those ingredients, bottle each finished perfume, and send them to you!

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Umm, sounds good, but can you tell me more to help me decide if this is right for me? Absolutely!

1. You coordinate with Carolyn on a date and time, arrange payment, and provide her with all the participants' contact info.

2. A minimum of a week in advance of the scheduled group video call, Carolyn will ask the participants to respond to some questions via email to determine the type of fragrance they would like to create (e.g., fruity, spicy, woody, etc.).

3. 1-2 days before the video call, each participant will receive:

a. Scented tester strips of ingredients -- corresponding to the type of fragrance they want to make -- for each section of their custom perfume (base, heart, and top notes)

b. A couple of questions to consider before the video call, as well as written instructions to follow during the call

c. An educational pamphlet on perfume composition they can keep

4. You all join the same video call, where Carolyn leads your group through:

a. evaluating the ingredients they were sent

b. choosing the right ones for their perfume

c. combining the ingredients via the tester strips to approximate what the final blend will smell like

d. writing out their draft perfume formula

5. Each participant emails Carolyn with their draft perfume formula, a name for their unique creation, and anything they'd like her to know (e.g., this ingredient is strong but I like it)

6. Carolyn creates the custom blends, bottles them, labels each bottle with the name chosen, and mails respective perfumes to each participant.


The investment of $55* per participant covers:

*COVID-19 pricing; normally $75

  • written instructions, educational materials, and tester strips
  • shipping throughout
  • group video experience
  • group video recording
  • 15 mL glass spray bottle of the perfume created

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