My Mission:
It's Not (Just) Perfume . . .

Personal development has been a focus in my life for many years, but it's never been a part of "what I do." That is, until I realized that the products I offer my lovely clients are as individualized and unique as they are. And that the experience of creating them is, actually, a part of a self-discovery and self-expression journey. And my wheels started turning--and so did the new vision of my business.


Most of us start in the dreaming, or envisioning, stage. We let our thoughts drift and, ideally, open our hearts to get a vision of what we want for our lives. Having something visual/something you can gaze into while you're envisioning your future can be very helpful.
A clear crystal is best when your thoughts are scattered, whereas a crystal that contains rainbows or an abstract scene can help your imagination take flight.


Once you've chosen a direction to take, you usually spend a bit of time researching the steps you need to take. This is another introspective stage but it's all geared toward action. Fear of the unknown, lack of skills (or sufficient skills), or worry that you'll never be seen as an expert bubble up in this part of personal development. We often need encouragement and a "power boost" to keep us moving forward.
Powerful crystal talismans, like Super 7 stones (amethysts containing other minerals within them) or meteorites, can offer you courage.


Here we go: it's finally time to start DOING what you dreamed of. Taking that first step may seem impossible, but reminding yourself that absolutely NO ONE starts out an expert could put things in perspective. The only way to improve is to try, inevitably fail (at some point), figure out what needs to be tweaked, and incorporate that lesson in your next action. This is an exciting but potentially humbling period. Finding ways to increase your confidence is crucial.
Tourmalated quartz and rutilated quartz are excellent for faking it until you make it.


One thing we often forgo in our rush to the next level is celebrating what we've accomplished. Acknowledging how far you've come is crucial, not just to propel yourself forward, but to build the habit of enjoying where you are. Stories are told so often of folks who never allow themselves a breath until they reach their goal. The trouble with not celebrating the steps along the way is that you likely won't appreciate when you finally reach your goal. Mindfulness, gratitude, and a healthy dose of "I did that!" won't slow you down; they'll keep you fueled to keep going.
Star sapphires are a wonderful visual reminder that, no matter where you are in your journey, you're a star.