Private Custom Perfume Experience
for One or Two Individuals

Benefits of This Exclusive Experience

• interactive and casual remote experience
• engaging education on how a perfume is structured
• high-quality, non-sensitizing ingredients
• 1.7 oz glass spray bottle of your custom elixir
• ability to reorder your scent and matching products

• pride in wearing a scent created by and for just you!


1) In advance, guests respond to some questions from Carolyn via email

2) 1-2 days before the video call, each guest receives:
a. Scented tester strips of ingredients for the type of fragrance they want to make
b. A couple of questions to consider before the video call
c. An educational pamphlet on perfume composition they can keep 

3) All guests join the same video call, where Carolyn leads them through:
a. evaluating the ingredients they were sent
b. choosing the right ones for their perfume
c. combining their chosen ingredients to approximate what the final blend will smell like

4) Each participant chooses a name for their unique creation and emails it to Carolyn within 24 hours (if not indicated during the Zoom call).

5) Carolyn creates the custom blends, bottles them, labels each 1.7 oz bottle with the name chosen, and mails respective perfumes to each guest.