Custom Scent Experience from Afar

So you want to have a custom perfume experience but can't visit my studio?

Well, guess what? You don't need to! I can guide you through the custom scent experience from a distance.

You'll Still Get the Following Benefits of ALL Custom Scent Experiences

that expresses what you love and who you are

of composing your very own eau de parfum

that only YOU can order

in the form of custom-scented lotion or shower gel from France

"I can’t stop sniffing my arm, where I sprayed [my perfume] after gleefully ripping open the package this afternoon! I LOVE IT, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will treasure this luxurious fragrance, created with so much thought and care and attention from you!"

Melissa D.
"Remote Perfumer"

I can almost hear you from here:

"But, wait--how would that even work????" Well, this is how:

1)  You’ll receive color-coded testing strips with the various scent families on them (e.g., fruity, floral, spicy, etc.). You’ll sniff each of these and choose two you think have the characteristics you want in your custom scent.

2)  We’ll figure out what type of fragrance you're looking for by your telling me what you’ve worn and liked before (e.g., “Daisy is my favorite but I also wear Light Blue from time to time”) and how you want to wear your custom creation (daily/work? special occasions? summer/winter?). That information in combination with the scent families you choose will guide me in selecting appropriate individual notes/ingredients to send you.

3)  Once you let me know your choices from #2 and scent history/wishes from #1, I’ll select several individual notes for you to choose from for the various components of your fragrance (base, heart, and top).

4)  I'll send you tester strips with the various individual notes, along with specific instructions on how to evaluate them and choose which you think you’d like in your custom fragrance.

5)  We’ll get on the phone or Skype to review what you’ve chosen so that I can figure out in real time what will work best for your blended fragrance among those choices and have you smell that combination before I start mixing the ingredients.

6)  Once we finalize your notes, I'll create your custom formula, bottle it (in a 1.7 ounce glass atomizer), label it with the name you choose, and send it to you.

The investment for this full process, including non-express shipping at each stage, is $225 $185*.

*Reduced pricing is in effect while the Cary studio is closed due to COVID-19.

Once your formula is finalized, you may reorder the same size at $85 plus tax, as well as custom-scented lotion or shower gel at $45 each plus tax.

Ready to Create Your Custom Scent?

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