Technology Stinks (and Not in the Good Way)

I imagine some of you may be able to relate to the following situation. I started a blog--as you do--on one blog site in the hopes of maybe moving my whole existing website there to update it and keep everything together. But I found their services less flexible than I'd wanted, so I left the blog there and just fed the posts through the site I already had.

Fast forward a year and a half, and I've finally committed to moving my site to another service (here). But because it has ITS OWN blog service, I can't seem to pull in my existing blog from the other service. Maybe people more technically tenacious could figure it out but, frankly, I'm tired of making work what has to work and would rather get back to what I LIKE to do. As my iPad says:

 For continuity's sake, here are links to the few and proud posts I'd published on that service: 

The Fragrances of My Life So Far (17 March 2017)

Beauty in the Breakdown (9 November 2016)

Scents of the Summer Gone By (Trip 1) (3...

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