No Line on the Horizon

You see the picture below? That's me, lying down on a patch of grass—the kind with no ticks and no chiggers—in the shade on a warm afternoon. After living in NC for 23 years, that brief moment last month way farther north than here was heaven. It was like stepping back in time to my young-teen years, with no heavy responsibilities weighing on my mind and an infinite number of future paths ahead of me—and no hurry to choose one.

Do you remember those days? They seemed so overwhelming and angsty at the time, right? But wow, how preciously simple and hopeful were they?

In a couple of weeks, my business will be celebrating its fourth anniversary. Can you believe it?! I have enjoyed meeting so many people, both studio guests and other local business owners, throughout those four years. It's not only been a fantastic learning experience, I’ve even helped people express their own unique sparkle in over 600 custom perfume formulas. It’s been amazing!


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An End, and a Beginning

Yesterday was Father's Day, a day that usually comes and goes without my noticing much. It's been 14 years since my Dad left this world and, without children of my own, there isn't any direct celebration of this holiday in my life. But it doesn't mean I don't acknowledge it, or call out to my father's spirit, which I know is with me always.

I first embraced the idea that my father was always with me in Grasse. You see, my Dad passed away just a few weeks before my first visit in 2002 to Galimard Perfumery (for whom ESCENTUELLE is a certified distributor). I was supposed to have my one-on-one training with their master perfumer, Jacques Maurel (pictured below), in late September 2001, but you can easily understand why that didn't happen. I was being sent to Europe for my job (in publishing) and was adding on vacation days for my hobby (perfuming). So when my company rescheduled the trip for February and my Dad passed somewhat suddenly in late January, I couldn't ask them to change...

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