We Know What We're Missing

Are we living in an incredible age, or what? Not only are we able to find and keep in touch with friends from 20 years ago but we can make new friends across the globe with similar interests online.


But when was the last time you called someone up out of the blue to go shopping with you that day? Or stopped by a friend’s house on only 5 minutes’ notice, for a cup of coffee and a chat? For me, it's been years, more precisely: decades.

I’ve had several conversations over the past year with women around my age and from various parts of my life (family, high school friends, networking acquaintances, entrepreneur powerhouses, you name it). Despite their large social circles and their personal or business success, every single one admitted to being lonely. Deeply lonely. Like, sit-across-the-table-from-me-and-brush-away-the-tears-at-the-mere-word lonely.

How can so many of us feel so adrift when we’re connected to so many others 24/7?

I was...

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