Scents of the Summer Gone-By

While I'm not particularly a fan of summer (and I realize that may not be a popular attitude), I am amazed and somewhat saddened that, as of this weekend, it's officially over. I can do without the heat—and the humidity simply has to go—but summer has always held the promise of leisure and enjoyment, and it feels wasted when not lived to the fullest. So I did my best to make the most of the places I managed to visit, which, for me this summer, meant kicking my nose into high gear. Let me explain. 

When someone comes to my studio to compose their own eau de parfum, we often start our conversation with the scents they already wear. My guests rightfully expect me to be familiar with the majority of what's on the market, but to be honest, I've been making whatever my heart desires for such a long time (since 1998, to be exact) that I've gotten out of the habit of exploring what's out there. But that means I'm not only falling short of my customers' expectations, I'm...

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