What would it mean to you to have:

• an artful expression of who you are

• a distinct way for people to remember you

• an olfactory signature for your personal brand

• a talisman for the identity you’re growing into

. . . in short, confidence in a bottle?

I'm Carolyn, Escentuelle's Scent Artist,
and I can't wait to craft a scent that's perfect just for you.

 In a Custom Perfume Experience with me, you'll choose from high-quality French perfuming ingredients that have been selected solely with your desires and your aesthetic in mind. Whether you want the comforting veil of a soft floral, a fresh breeze of earthy greens and ocean mist, or the mouth-watering yumminess of a luxury gourmand, I'll craft a custom formula from the notes that resonate with you.

Don't be surprised when everyone who smells your custom scent says, 
"Oh, wow! That's so YOU!"

Escentuelle offers you a creative celebration with the following benefits:

a unique fragrance that expresses your personality—and that no one else is wearing

engaging instruction from our Scent Artist on the composition of a fine French perfume

choices from up to 100+ high-quality, hypoallergenic, non-sensitizing essences

glass spray bottle filled with the eau de parfum you helped compose

ability to order not only a new bottle but custom-scented shower gel and lotion

for a birthday, anniversary, bat mitzvah, bachelorette, team build, and so much more!

Signature (for 1-2 guests)

Exclusive (seated in private)
Scent Artist's education & guidance throughout
ingredients curated in advance for each guest
full perfumer's organ of 100+ essences
50 mL / 1.7 oz bottle per guest

Small Group (for 3-12 guests)

Intimate Gathering (seated)
Scent Artist's education & assistance as needed
ingredients selected by each guest
full perfumer's organ of 100+ essences
15 mL / 0.5 oz bottle per guest

Large Events (10+ guests)

Mix-and-Mingle (standing)
high-level overview of process by Escentuelle
ingredients arranged by type for easy selection
~45 of the most popular ingredients available
5 mL bottle per guest